Men’s Bodybuilding

Men’s Bodybuilding


There will be one class and top 6 placings. Competitors ages 13-19 before or on the day of the event. Please bring identification for proof of age to weigh ins. Any competitor in the teenage division may also cross over to Open, Men’s Junior and/or Hero(Emergency Services).


This class is open to anyone whom has never competed in a sanctioned NPC event. Crossover is allowed from Masters and Emergency Services. Novice classes will have top 5 placings and an Overall winner. Novice classes will include the following weight classes:

Lightweight (up to and including 165.25 lbs)

Middleweight (over 165.25 lbs up to and including 187.25 lbs)
Heavyweight (over 185.25 lbs)


This class is open to anyone whom has never won an overall Junior division title or placed 1-5 in an Open division class. Crossovers to Open, Masters, Teen or Hero are permitted. Junior division classes will have a top 5 placing, also an overall winner. Junior division classes will include:

Lightweight (up to and including165.25 lbs)

Middleweight (over 165.25 lbs up to and including 187.25 lbs)
Heavyweight (over 187.25 lbs)


Open class will have top 5 placings and also an overall winner. Weight classes are as follows:

Bantam Weight- up to and including 143.25
Light weight- over 143.25 up to and including 154.25
Middle weight- over 154.25 up to and including 176.25
Light heavy weight- over 176.25 up to and including 198.25
Heavy weight- over 198.25 up to and including 225.25
Super Heavy weight over 225.25


There are 3 divisions within the master’s class: 40-49, 50-59, 60+. Please bring identification to weigh-ins for proof of age if competing in masters. Masters class competitors are allowed to crossover into the Open division, Men’s Junior division and the Hero division. There will be top 3 placings with trophies and 4th and 5th medallions for each division within masters and also an overall winner. Classes in the masters divisions are as follows:

HERO CLASS (Emergency services)

Any competitor involved in Teenage, Novice, Junior, Open, or Masters may crossover to the Hero(emergency services) class. Please provide proof of employment at weigh-ins. Class is open to any member of Police, Fire, Medical, or Military services. There will be one Hero class. This class will have top 5 placings.

All divisions will be asked to perform mandatory poses as follows:
Front double bicep
Front lat spread
Side chest pose (either side)
Back double bicep
Back lat spread
Most muscular

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